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Pick up a keg rental full of your favorite hard seltzer flavor from California Seltzer Co in Lodi, California. Rental includes the hard seltzer of your choice, the keg and keg pump. Keg and pump must be returned, the seltzer is yours to keep.

See below for rental info and policies.

Security Deposit : $40.00

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The Quarter Barrel Keg (a.k.a Pony Keg or Stubby Quarter) looks like the standard beer keg you’re used to from keg parties but much shorter (hence the “stubby” description). This keg 7.75 gallons and perfect for small parties.

  • Pints of hard seltzer per keg: Approx. 62
  • Cans (12oz) per keg: Approx. 82
  • Capacity: 7.75 gallons / 30 liters / 992 ounces
  • Dimensions: 13⅞” x 16⅛”

Keg Rental Info and Policies


  • $40 per keg (includes keg pump)
    Deposit is added to your keg rental and then returned to the payment method used when the equipment is returned according to the rental policy.

Rental Policies

Everything is due back within 30 days of rental. Your deposit is forfeit after 30 days.

No refunds or exchanges on keg rentals.

To see a full return of your deposit, return the rented items in the same condition as when it left the store. If equipment is damaged or not as it left our place, you’ll be charged the cost to restore it back to rentable condition (or you might be able to buy it outright). Please treat our stuff nicely and it’ll treat you nicely too.

Our staff’s responsibility is to transport the keg to the store door. If staff elects to assist you in loading the keg you implicitly accept all responsibility and liability for any damage or injury which may occur.

Additional information

Berry Rush, Blood Orange, Hibiscus Lime, Pineapple Lemon


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