Crisp, Refreshing

California Seltzer Co's New Variety Pack

California Seltzer Co is excited to announce its latest offering for seltzer enthusiasts in Central California: a delightful variety pack that promises to elevate your sipping experience. This 12-can box showcases the essence of the Golden State with an assortment of refreshing hard seltzer flavors, each contained in a convenient 12-fluid-ounce can.

In this variety pack, you’ll discover the taste of California’s sun-soaked flavors in Pineapple Lemon and Pink Lemonade flavors, delivering a burst of tropical and zesty notes. For those craving a tangy twist, the Blood Orange option offers a citrusy kick that awakens the taste buds. Lastly, the Berry Rush hard seltzer takes you on a journey through the state’s lush berry fields, offering a sweet, fruity escape in every sip.


California Seltzer Co New Mixed Variety Pack

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